My painting is informed by my daily contemplative practice which involves sitting and sensing the minute changes in the moment.  During this time, I write, draw, and sometimes consult the I Ching, or the Book of Changes.  I am always amazed at how accurate the readings are and how often the interpretations connect my small world with the bigger world.

Sometimes I experience a moment which connects an I Ching divination to the environment.  This can be the way the light filters through the trees, the wind moves a spider web, or the uplifting I feel when the valley where I live becomes still and silent.  These are the images I paint.  The act of painting allows for an expanded experience of something fleeting, but also fixes the image so that the instance may be revisited and shared.

Painting connects me to place and ultimately helps me to sense the link between all things.  I share this concept through my work as artist, teacher, curator, activist and mother.