My community, land, and work are the places I go daily to create art.  You can see this influence in my paintings, drawings, installations, photographs, curatorial practice,  hand- built home and the gardens and paths on Chinkapin Hill. 

My art involves processes such as arranging, cleaning, caring for, moving through, cooking, designing, building, nurturing, developing, being an activist, gardening, installing, teaching, and working.  I have a community based project in the works at all times. This form of art making has created a link between being an artist, educator, activist, and curator.

Suzi Gablik's book The Reenchantment of Art inspired me to break out of the studio and to find my art voice through my daily actions in the world. By consciously giving myself permission to connect art and life I no longer feel that art is over here and life is over there.  It is a seamless flow of doing, thinking, creating; an effort in making the here and now more comfortable and beautiful so that later may be better too.